Dana has over twenty-nine years of editing experience and has worked with everyone from newbie writers to experienced pros. She provides gentle, but honest, feedback. Her goal is to help you shine as a writer and put forth the best product you can. As a writer herself, she is sensitive to how a writer feels when presenting his or her "baby" for feedback. Rest assured that you will feel supported, energized, and like you have a true partner for your publishing venture.  

The By Your Side Editing Process

When you contact us, Dana will ask for the following:

  • The title and genre/subgenre of your project
  • Your target audience
  • The overall word count of your completed* project
  • The entire manuscript*
  • Your deadline 

She'll read through your first ten pages (2500 words) to determine which level(s) of service you need. Additionally, she will edit those pages accordingly (free of charge) to provide you with a sample of her work and to see if you both agree on what needs to be done and if you like her style. The sample edit is yours to keep!

Edits are performed in Microsoft Word using Track Changes and Comments. Dana uses the Chicago Manual of Style, Garner's Modern American Usage, and Merriam-Webster as references. 

* If your project is not yet complete, but you would like advice/input regarding it, Dana is happy to consult with you. 


Pricing varies per project and is determined by the overall word count and the level of work required. 

  • Structural consultation: If your project isn't yet complete, but you want to consult with Dana on the overall structure of the project (such as the plot, premise, characters, or GMCs), she can work with you by the hour and will provide you a quote. This is a great option for writers who want to bounce ideas off someone before or during writing or who are stuck at some stage of the writing process and need help getting unblocked. 
  • Developmental editing (see below for what's included; does NOT include line or copy editing): For a developmental editing pass on a completed project, Dana charges .006 a word ($420 for a 70,000 word document) to .008 a word ($560 for a 70,000 word document, for those who also want feedback on mechanics, grammar, and usage). This is a good option for writers who are new, don't already have a strong critique partner, or for any writer who wants to take his or her work to the next level. 
  • Comprehensive editing (aka "the whole enchilada"): For two passes that include developmental, substantive/line editing, and copy editing, Dana's prices range from .014 to .0325 a word ($980 - $2275 for a 70,000 word document). For most projects, Dana will also recommend a third pass devoted to proofreading.
  • Proofreading: Proofreading is .008 per word ($560 for a 70,000 word document) to .012 a word ($840 for a 70,000 word document, for documents that have NOT been previously edited). You get the benefit of two sets of eyes (both Dana and Kristine) to squash any remaining typos! 

NOTE: If this is your first book, or the first book that you're having edited, Dana recommends a developmental editing pass first, followed by comprehensive editing (where we'll continue working on developmental issues as needed), followed by a proofreading pass. (This strategy is good for all writers, but more experienced writers may not need a separate pass devoted to developmental editing.) 

Projects that have complex terminology, footnotes, and extensive artwork with captions may cost extra. Should your project's word count increase after you have contacted Dana, she reserves the right to adjust her price quote. 

If you have contracted for anything beyond a consultation or partial edit, you must provide Dana with your finished project. If you continue to tinker with it after you have handed it off, Dana reserves the right to increase her fee.

Got a tight budget?

Partial edits

If you cannot afford an editing pass on your entire project at this time, you can have Dana do a comprehensive edit on the first 5000 (~20 pages) to 12,500 words (~50 pages) for $.02 ($100 - $250) to $.035 ($175 - $438) a word. You can then apply the feedback from this partial edit to the entire manuscript. 

What's included in each level of edit?

Developmental editing

Assuming you've completed your first draft, Dana will read through your document top to bottom and write up a report on the following: 

  • Which areas are strong
  • Which areas need more development (characters, plot, etc.) and some possible ideas/suggestions
  • Notes on overall tone, pacing, writing craft, and terminology (this is not a full edit)
  • Notes on premise and suitability to genre (as needed)
  • Does NOT include substantive/line, copy editing, or proofreading
  • OPTIONAL: Add notes on mechanics, grammar, and usage for .008/word

Substantive/line editing

This is a line-by-line edit of your work to address the story on a sentence level. This pass includes a copy edit. The following items are included: 

  • Story issues, such as discrepancies in the timeline, character descriptions, plot holes, and so on
  • Style, grammar, and punctuation
  • Major structural issues are NOT included

Copy editing

If your work has been previously line edited, this pass addresses the following: 

  • Style, grammar, and punctuation on a sentence-by-sentence level 
  • Story issues and structural problems are NOT included


If your work has been previously line edited and copy edited, this pass addresses the following: 

  • Mechanics (grammar and punctuation)
  • Style, story issues, and structural problems are NOT included

Even if your book has been previously edited, a proofreading pass is highly recommended if your book has been scanned using OCR software. (In such a case, you will need to provide Dana with a print copy of the book for reference.)